glass coffee table Gamnaro Venezia Italy

Glass coffee tables come out of a vision, which reflects the legacy inherited by the Gambaro brothers. The result is high quality glass coffee table

The beauty of glass coffee tables comes through by painting our environment of marine reflections. Each glass coffee table is a unique piece: the purity of glass interacts continuously with natural and artificial lighting creating a magical atmosphere. Gambarovetri comes to life in the early 1990s, but the Gambaro brothers, young artisans who founded Gambarovetri, were not new to the craftsmanship required to create glass coffee tables from Venetian crystal: the Gambaro brothers learned their skill from their father, a master glassmaker with more than forty years of experience. The traditional skills and secrets for creating handsome glass coffee tables, beautiful mirrors, and handicraft glasswork all in Venetian glass are unique to the city of Venice, undisputed home of master glassmakers and glass artists. The thin line that divides our past from our future is represented in the high quality architecture of each piece. Pliny tells us that Roman seaman, preparing to cook their evening meal on a beach, set their pots on top of stones. As the cooking fire heated both these stones and the sand below, a liquid began to flow and that was the origin of manmade glass and possibly even the first glass coffee table. The Italian Renaissance saw Venice and Murano become centers of glass making, with kings and queens seeking out those glass coffee tables.

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